The Nikon MAX-ML-L3 Remote and ML-L3 Remotes

    * Our MAX-LM-L3 has up to a 50+ foot range for the infrared remote to camera. The MAX-LM-L3 has two IR LED emitters.   Nikon advertises 16 foot range.

    * Our LM-L3 has up to a 30+ foot range for the infrared remote to camera.   Again, Nikon advertises 16 foot range.

    * Both models have white high brightness, LED flashlight (button 2).  Nikon ML-L3 does not have a light or an indicator to see if the remote is working.

    * No need to set the camera on multiple exposures... just hold the button down on the remote and you will shoot multiple frames...  This is also true of the external trip jack (add on).  The Nikon ML-L3 has to have the button pushed each time you want another exposure or you have to set the camera for multiple exposures.

    * At the top of the case, there is a LOOP for a lanyard so you can have the remote close at hand (like around your neck) [Black Lanyard Model LAN1, $1.50 ].  Nikon supplies a pouch with the ML-L3 and you supply the pocket...how convenient!

* External trip of the remote with a switch closure is available for ...computer...push button...or other switching devices...  The jack is provided and cables are available from us to fit your needs or make your own.  Nikon has NO external trip. ADD $5.00 for this feature. Cables and push button assemblies are available - PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE. 
* Replacement batteries available from us at $1.25 each and $.75 for the postage each. 
CR2016  (requires two batteries) or you can purchase them from the local Radio Shack. (see links) The batteries are included and installed plus an extra set of batteries for the day your remote runs out of power... "Nikon ML-L3" comes with batteries also. Note: the battery life depends on how often you use the remote and/or flashlight, however, even with heavy usage, the battery should last a year...light usage...several years. Stored lithium batteries have a shelf life of 8 to 10 years.
Cameras with which our remotes work: , Nikon COOLPIX P7000, Nikon COOLPIX P7100, Nikon COOLPIX P7700, Nikon D3000, Nikon D3200, Nikon D40, Nikon D40X, Nikon D50, Nikon D5000, Nikon D5100, Nikon D60, Nikon D600, Nikon D70, Nikon D7000, Nikon D70s, Nikon D80, Nikon D90, Nikon 1 J1, Nikon 1 J2, Nikon 1 V1, Nikon 1 V2, Coolpix 8400, 8800, P7000, Pronea S, Nuvis S & Lite Touch Zoom cameras.
LM-L3 Remote Control
Nikon Remote
Ours >  Ingram LM-L3 Remote
Range to 50 feet maximum and tested before it leaves our company at 35 feet in front of the camera. (NIKON D70)
Remote Control Inside View
Remote Control Circuit Board
nikonremote.com Remote Control Features
Remote Control Dimensional View 1
Remote Control Dimensional View 2
Remote Control Dimensional View 3
Max LM-L3 $19.95  LM-L3 $14.95 Remote Controls
Contact George at Ingram Technologies, LLC, 435-724-7701. 128 North 100 West, Price, UT 84501, for more information.  Or email k3rzd (at) ingram-tech.com
Drawings of Ingram Remote for Nikon LM-L3
CR2030 Battery
CR2032 or CR2016 $1.25 ea.
Limited Time Offer Free extra set of batteries with every remote order.
Theirs: "Range approximately 16 feet in front of camera"
Indicator LED for remote
White LED Flashlight
Please see accessories below
BUY LM-L3 $12.95 ea. OR 2 for $20.90
BUY MAX-LM-L3 $17.95 ea. OR 2 for $32.90
NIKONREMOTE.COM remote controls are a design of George Ingram, Ingram Technologies, LLC that came about because George couldn't get the results he wanted from the NIKON Remote control that he purchased.  Our remotes address these issues like, where do you put the remote when you are not using it, how do I see the camera menu system to set the camera at night (flashlight), how and when do I know the remote is operating (indicator), I'd like to take multiple exposures quickly and I'd like to be able to have a much longer range than in the NIKON product. Thus we produced two versions the LM-L3 and the Max LM-L3 remotes that have all of the features that were missing in the (TM) NIKON product.
LM-L3Max $17.95 ea.
LM-L3 $12.95 ea.